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Title: Tweaking Help Thread & FAQ
Post by: WiinolikePS3 on February 13, 2008, 12:26:02 pm
Having trouble tweaking? Post your problems here!

First, here's a quick FAQ that may solve some problems.

Q: HELP! It's not working!

A: Either you're not doing it quickly enough, not consistantly enough, or you're just plain unlucky. It doesn't ALWAYS work, it may take as many as 10 tries of doing it perfectly before the Void will appear. Just keep at it, and it'll work eventually.

Q: I did it for an hour straight, and I can't do it properly.

A: Try the Solaceon Town area showed in the How to Tweak video. That's the easiest place to start, and is known as the practicing grounds.


A: It's alright. There's nothing wrong with your game data, and that happens quite often. That's the sign that you're tweaking TOO well. In other words, you're doing it right, the game just got overloaded.


A: Tweak in different places, and see what works and what doesn't. Try tweaking Canalave for Darkrai, and for Arceus... we really have no clue. It's up to YOU to help Void research.

Q: So... where can I tweak?

A: Anywhere on a map that has a Loading Line other than one on the border. You can find them by noticing a very, VERY slight delay in your movement. Keep riding over and over the line in Solaceon to get used to the feel.
After that, go find Loading Lines anywhere you want!

Anything I didn't help with here, feel free to ask!